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Je viens de recevoir ce petit mail bien sympathique !!!! C’est une bonne surprise !
« Dear Emmanuel,

My name is Erick Danzer. I’m the Executive Director of Best of Wedding Photography, a new invitation-only membership group recently launched by some of the leading wedding photographers in the world. I’m writing to offer you an invitation to become a member of this exclusive organization.

We love your artful, creative, and timeless style. Our Board enjoyed browsing your portfolio and your blog — and personally, I really loved the photo series for Kristen and Benoit’s August wedding. You captured so many moments and details with such care, I feel like I was there.

This invitation comes after a rigorous review process by our Board, which includes some of the best wedding photographers in the world: David Beckstead, Ben Chrisman, Del Sol Photography (Matt Adcock and Sol Tamargo), Glen Johnson, Anna Kuperberg, Crash Taylor, and David Ziser. Our board members personally reviewed your work and voted to offer you this invitation.

In order to maintain our association’s standards, Best of Wedding Photography plans to limit our membership to a total of 500 top wedding photographers from around the world. You will become part of a new, dynamic group that has the potential to dramatically change the face of the wedding photography industry.

Thanks and best wishes,

Erick Danzer
Executive Director, Best of Wedding Photography »

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Par emmanuelbergere le 13 mai, 2010 dans Famille, Mariage, news, perso, photographe, photos

  1. Bravo Emmanuel pour cette récompense bien méritée !

    Commentaire by Marie-Louise Le Goff — 13 mai, 2010 @ 20:49

  2. Merci Marie-Louise !

    Commentaire by emmanuelbergere — 7 juin, 2010 @ 22:46

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